IENE 2011 Scientific Workshop and General Assembly, 21–24 September 2011, Nymfeo & Kastoria, Greece

Welcome to the IENE 2011 Scientific Workshop and General Assembly, 21–24 September 2011 in Greece, hosted by ARCTUROS and the University of Western Macedonia. The theme of this years annual meeting will be: “Highways and wildlife: How do they co-exist?”

The site of the meeting, the region of Western Macedonia in Greece, is a place of extreme natural beauty and rich biodiversity. The forests in the area are teeming with wildlife, and are home to rare and endangered species such as wolfs, bears, otters. Unfortunately, ongoing human development and the construction of large infrastructure projects, primarily the development of the national road network have taken a heavy toll on the wildlife in region. One of the main highways of the country, the vertical axis of the “Egnatia” highway (Section “Siatista – Kastoria – Krystallopygi) that connects Greece with its northern neighbor, Albania has been in the past years the showcase of a number of wildlife – vehicle collisions. More than 25 bears and wolves have died in the past years in these accidents. Attendants to the meeting will have the opportunity to visit the sites where all the accidents took place and the needed mitigation measures have discussed, decided but their full completion are not implemented yet as well as they are typical corridor areas between mountain as bear habitat with national and international importance and especially as transboundary zone with Albania.

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