The area of Kastoria and Nymfeo

The town of Kastoria

Kastoria is a tourist destination for all seasons and many interests. The ancient city’s history is visible at every step of the visitor. Pindos, the lines and Vitsi surrounding Kastoria with lush mountain blocks and quaint villages and the river of Aliakmonas and ski resort, provide unique opportunities and pleasures for the traveler.

The great secret of the charm of Kastoria is the Amphitheater of the houses. The feeling is best captured by a boat ride that goes round the lake.

The architecture of houses in Kastoria is of great interest. There are many stone houses that reflect the prosperity experienced in the city’s past two centuries, mainly because of the export trade of fur. Both the houses and churches in the city, maintained a strong Byzantine color with carved stone slab, wooden windows and the use of red tiles.

Kastoria have 76 Byzantine churches. The visitor, other than walks around the lake can spend many fruitful – training – hours in museums that record the best cultural heritage of Kastoria.

The lake of Kastoria

The lake of Kastoria is the most precious treasure of the town. It is her jewel, delight for the visitor as a place of recreation and for the inhabitant a stimulus for romanticism and reminiscence.

Lake Orestida is considered morphologically the most beautiful lake of Greece and haw been announced a Monument of Natural Beauty by the Ministry of Culture.

At the lakeshore there are enough squares and parks. It is a unique hydrobiotope of great importance to the aquatic but also for the birds of prey. It maintains a rich bird fauna, which includes rare and menaced species.

The lake is surrounded by picturesque villages – Dispilio, Mavrochori, Polycarp, Bright Metamorphosis and wall. On the shores of Dispilio identified a very important lakeside Neolithic settlement. On the northern coast there are dense reed beds and coastal forests host a rich and rare winged wildlife. The waters of the delicious varieties of fish such as carp, carp, bass and butterflies caught either pole or “Cast net” – a kind of traditional nets.

The lake of Kastoria Orestiada was what gave life to the residents for more than 7,000 years.


The village Nymfeo (formerly Niveasta or Neveska) is designated as “preserved traditional village” and belongs to the are of Florina, Region of West Macedonia located at 1350 m altitude in the eastern Vitsi Mount. Surrounded by beech forest and crossed by paved paths and stone houses. In recent years the contribution of significant people who come from the village has turn the village to remarkable tourist attraction.

Nymfeo is one of the most ideal winter destinations today as it has excellent tourist infrastructure, nature and great views. It consists of picturesque stone houses, cobbled streets and surrounded by a beautiful forest. The village currently operates urban cooperative where women make and launch splendid traditional needlework and other local products, a museum silversmith, ARCTUROS’ Bear Information Centre at the Nikios School, donated by John Jean Nikou (1875-1930), which is now also a Convention Center of University of West Macedonia and finally ARCTUROS’ Bear Sanctuary. In Nymfaio, the visitors have the opportunity to indulge in exciting activities such as hiking, horseback riding, biking and hiking long haul.

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