Organization and Contacts

Organization committee:

IENE members

  • Andreas Seiler, Grimsö research station at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the IENE coordination
  • Anders Sjölund, National Transport Administration, Sweden.
  • Robert Myslajek , Association for Nature “Wolf”, Poland
  • Miklós Puky, Hungarian Danube Research Station of the Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
  • Marie Jakobi, Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM), IENE secretariat

ARCTUROS members

  • Lazaros Georgiadis, General Director
  • Alexandros Karamanlidis, Scientific Manager
  • Vasso Petridou, Communication Manager
  • Maria Styliadou, Volunteers coordinator and ARCTUROS secretariat support for the Annual Meeting
  • Ioulia Zlatanou, ARCTUROS’ membership support and website support

Contacts e-mails:

ANNUAL MEETING secreteriate: Maria Styliadou ( & tel/τηλ.: +302386031155, fax: +302386031015

IENE secreteriate: Marie Jakobi []

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